Lemonade Packaging

When life gives you lemons, turn the citrus fruits into juice and infuse them with fresh organic herbs. It’s time to break out of the juice box and dive right into the refreshing summer beverage. The Montreal Public Market has just released the perfect summertime beverage that’s not only perfect for your picnic but your social media feed.

Montreal Public Market
Client Profile

The Montreal Public Market is a public market that has 15 different market locations scattered all across the city of Montreal. They pride themselves on being able to provide those who live in the city the opportunity to shop local organic products. In their mission statement, they proudly uphold the historic tradition of Montreal Public Markets.


The Montreal Public Market has just released a line of organic flavour-infused lemonades and
is looking for packaging that reflects the Montreal Public Market brand and Montreal while also being environmentally friendly. The packaging needs to be easy for the consumer to differentiate each flavour without having to take the time to read each label.

Yellow and Orange Stripes
Yellow and Green Stripes
Yellow and Purple Stripes
Creative Process
Starting Point

For this project, I started with the target audience, young adults and teens who are looking for a drink that’s not only delicious but is also worthy of making a social media appearance. The type of person who likes to spend their summers on Montreal adventures with friends and is in need of a refreshing beverage that can easily be brought on the go.


As for the container, I was inspired by Lebanese pyramid juice boxes. Why is juice confined to a box? The design didn’t hinder the way they were stored. In fact when the juice boxes were stored together, they formed a circle. I was instantly reminded of Terry’s orange chocolates.
I took inspiration and designed the packaging to look like a lemon wedge. When all the juice boxes are combined together for shipping purposes it looks like the centre of a lemon.

Colour Palette

I needed the colour scheme to reflect the true feeling and spirit that is summer. The packaging needed to be a bright yellow to represent the lemonade itself and to represent the warm sun rays. Next, I broke down a colour system, using the colour of each herb, I assigned each herb a specific colour. Orange for ginger, green for mint, and purple for lavender.

Lemonade Packaging

The final product resulted in a unique triangular juice box. The intention was to create a juice box that reflected on the feeling of summer. The concept was executed successfully with the bright colours and lemon wedge appearance. The final product resulted in a juice box perfect for a hot summer day picnic and a beverage worthy of making a social media appearance.