Nils Frahm Poster

The soft sound of water trickling in the background as calming piano music plays on. Nils Frahm’s album Empty is an ambient album that showcases songs that he composed for a short film that didn’t make the final cut. The album utilizes sounds from nature and incorporates them in a melancholic way.

Nils Frahm
Client Profile

Nils Frahm is a German musician who takes an experimental approach to classical music. He’s a skilled, classically trained pianist who often records his albums in a well due to the acoustics and the natural rushing water sounds which he incorporates into his music.


The Societe des arts technologique is looking for a poster to promote Nils Frahm’s concert on his new ambient album Empty. They need a poster that reflects on the album’s overall sound and aesthetic as well as taking into consideration the type of artist Frahm is.

Creative Process
Starting Point

After listening to the album, I took notes on various elements and details that stuck out to me. For example, a lot of his songs had different sounds in the background such as running water. Another song has a minute of silence at the end. I was particularly inspired by one song that could only be described as sounding like butterfly wings. It stuck out to me because it sounded a lot more different compared to the other songs presented on the album. It was a wave of melancholy, yet suddenly there was a light of hope.


I began looking at different kinds of butterflies and the patterns on their wings. I felt the circles on owl butterflies fit the album best due to their camouflaging nature. I isolated the circles and represented them in an abstract way as that best reflected the nature of the album and who Nils Frahm is as a  musician.

Colour Palette

As for colour scheme, I was reminded by desaturated blues and grays as I listened to the soft melencholic music. I went with a light desaturated blue colour palette to represent the soft water sounds that were present in his album.

Nils Frahm Music Poster in a bus shelter

The final product resulted in an editorial-inspired book that takes inspiration to the type of magazines where his work is featured. The layout is clean and minimalist to allow his work to be the main focus. The size of the book references the size of the Polaroids his camera uses.
The app was designed with the intention of allowing the user to go back and have easy access to the photographs and collections to view again while also being able to read the information for each respected collection.