Fashion photography depicts such beautiful clothing that we often forget about the creative behind the camera. Photographers’ work often goes under appreciated with all the work they put in. Not enough of people know about the unique techniques that are used by fashion photographer Paolo Roversi.

Paolo Roversi
Client Profile

Paolo Roversi is a fashion photographer with a unique approach to his craft. He uses an old camera with 8 x 10 Polaroid film. He uses the long exposure time to paint with light for a unique final product. He tries to capture the true essence and version of the models he photographs and not just the clothing they’re modeling.


An exhibition on Paolo Roversi is looking for a coffee table book that reflects the contents of the exhibition while also strongly reflecting the photographer. An ebook app version of the book is needed to go along with the physical book.

Creative Process
Starting Point

While researching Roversi’s work, I noticed that strong colours like red stood out the most in the majority of his works, no matter what brand he was photographing. He had a strong collection of photographs he had done with Commes Des Garcon that would work well displayed throughout the book.

Due to the dimensions of his camera’s polaroid film, he mainly only shoots in 8 x 10, so I knew that the size of the book had to be in those dimensions to reflect upon that.


I wanted his work to be the main focus of the book and used inspiration of minimalistic editorial fashion magazines as inspiration for the layout. I wanted the layout to reflect on the nature of the photographs and clothing.

For the app, I used black as a background colour to represent his concept of painting with light. I wanted the pictures to be the main focus to allow for the users to go back and appreciate the images once again after reading the text.

Colour Palette

Due to the colours used in Roversi’s work, I went with Black and white to make sure the colours didn’t take away from his work nor were competing with his work. A lot of his works, feature bright reds, so I chose red as an accent colour for the image on the cover along with for the titles of chapter dividers.

Roversi book Interior pages: table of contents and chapter divider
Roversi Book Cover

The final product resulted in an editorial-inspired book that takes inspiration to the type of magazines where his work is featured. The layout is clean and minimalist to allow his work to be the main focus. The size of the book references the size of the Polaroids his camera uses.
The app was designed with the intention of allowing the user to go back and have easy access to the photographs and collections to view again while also being able to read the information for each respected collection.