As museums display many different art pieces from different artists, the museum itself as a brand often goes under appreciated by the general public.

Client Profile

Vox Contemporary Image Centre is a contemporary art museum located in Montreal. The aim to encourage artist's experimenting in their craft and provide resources for them as well. Another one of their goals is art preservation and education.


VOX is looking to rebrand. The need a new logo as well as a strong brand identity. A specification set by the client is that the logo must be only one colour.

Creative Process
Starting Point

While researching VOX, I was inspired by the fact that the company had three letters in its name. I was also heavily inspired by the concept of space and exhibition rooms.


I started out with trying to represent an exhibition room that felt welcoming. I wanted people to look at the logo and feel drawn in to see the exhibition.

I settled on a three square box that represented the three letters in their name.

Colour Palette

As for the colours, due to the client's specification and the fact that the logo is going to be seen with many different art works, I chose black and white. There's a black version of the logo and a white version. The key was to use neutral colours to ensure that the logo would work with any artwork without competing with it.

VOX Museum pins

The final product resulted in a logo that reflects the intention of a museum, a space to allow artwork to be experienced. Due to the museums long name, a variation was made with just the "VOX" part to best allow for small scale use. The final product resulted in a consistent system that reflects the logo and the values of VOX.