A drink so energising it makes you want to scream “YEAH!!!”. YEAH!!! Energy Drinks is a new energy drink company that prides themselves in being loud and standing out from the crowd. They have a new product to offer, an energy drink that has two times the amount of caffeine than the average energy drink. They’re a brand who’s not for the faint of heart… literally.

YEAH!!! Energy Drinks
Client Profile

YEAH!!! Energy Drinks is a new emerging energy drink company looking to make their mark in the industry. They sell the world's strongest energy drinks. They pride themselves in being loud, bold, and alternative. Their target audience is men ages 18-30, post-secondary students who are looking for a quick solution to solve their sleep deprivation that aren’t concerned with the health risks involved in consuming energy drinks.


YEAH!!! Energy Drinks is looking for new branding to help them better reach their target audience and double their sales within two years. They need a new logotype as well as a new rebrand.

Green Battery
Blue Battery
Purple Battery
Creative Process
Starting Point

As a starting point, I looked at their company values and explored various concepts based on sound and being loud. Eventually, I started to play on the energising aspect of energy drinks. The client enjoyed the idea of having a logotype that represented recharging your batteries.


I designed a logotype with a battery visual. The battery being a 9 volt from aerial view where only the positive and negative are visible. The intention of this option was to push forward that YEAH!!! Is stronger and more energising than any other energy drink available on the market. That their energy drinks hit like a 9 volt battery.

Colour Palette

YEAH!!! Energy Drink's loud, bold, and alternative values reminded me of rave scenes. I decided for a colour palette to go with a strong neon colour and black. After exploring different neon colours, I found neon green was the most effective in conveying the message of replenishing energy.


The final logotype represents the concept of replenishing your batteries and high energy. 9 volt battery represents the consumer recharging and energising themselves after consuming YEAH!!! Energy Drink’s energy drinks.The 9 volt battery imagery helped convey the message about how strong and intense these energy drinks are.